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Viking Magic

Ghost Glass/Spirit Glass

Ghost Glass/Spirit Glass

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Ghost Glass/Spirit Glass Double Image: Our specially treated glass disks produce a ghostly image on the surface of the glass when you or a spectator breathes on the glass. Each glass disk will produce two images, one on each side. Images depict a playing card (two different cards are provided). If you do not select a specific card set, we will send what we have.

Please note that we can not offer a choice of images. We will send contrasting images if more than one is purchased per order.

REVERESED IMAGE VERSION: The reversed feature means that you see the image, THROUGH the glass, rather than on the surface. The image will appear on the opposite side of the glass.

SINGLE-SIDED IMAGE: This glass disk will produce an image on one side only. The other side is blank.

Glass disks are 2" x 1/8"

Custom images available upon request; added cost. Inquire.

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