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Viking Magic

Flash Cigarettes

Flash Cigarettes

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Flash Cigarettes, Cigarettes

As with the more popular flash paper - these specially made cigarettes feature a combination of painted flash cigarette paper, each one is rolled with the best quality flash powder we have ever seen. When you light these cigarettes you get a magical "FLASH" and poof and in a second the cigarette has vanished!

There is no single utility item that when added to Magic combines a synergy of power like flash products do. Now image the impact possible using Flash Cigarettes whether you want to use them for manipulation effects, or if you want to use them for any type of misdirection, comedy bit etc.

These look so real, you'll have no trouble pulling it off and imagine the reaction you will get!

Highly recommended and hard to obtain. Each box comes with 10 rolled and ready cigarettes.

This product and all Flash Paper Products are not sold to anyone under 21 years of age.Professional use.

Check out our web site for many other flash products including flash bills, paper and cotton.

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