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Five Of Hearts Magic Collection by Colin Rose

Five Of Hearts Magic Collection by Colin Rose

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The Five of Hearts Magic Collection has now become a highly sought-after collectible by Colin Rose. All hand-crafted close-up items made from select hardwoods. The case is also made of fine veneer ply.

1. Wayne Dobson’s “BLING”. (A prediction effect using 4 colored stones and a cloth bag. Same effect was created by Steve Cook using colored dice.  This effect utilized same principles but with gemstones with permission from Steve.)

2. “Dutch Sandwich” (Inspired by Eddy Taytelbaum, and is the same idea as the Port Bottle Stopper, but this was crafted by Colin Rose using two wooden tablets, a playing card, a wooden peg and a fake peg.

3. “Chinese Compass” (A classic pocket trick consisting of a hexagonal wooden compass with a hand ‘turned’ arrow fixed to both sides. You are able to cause the arrows to point at right angles to each other, or even make them point in completely opposite directions. 

4. “The Victorian Block Penetration” ( Same as Taytelbaum’s “Bomba Atomica”, this was part of The Victorian Collection by Five of Hearts Magic. Uses a beautiful aluminum tube, a steel rod and hand turned round wooden block.)

5. Hoffman’s “Obedient Ball” ( Another effect from Colin’s Victorian Collection, this is thought to be of Japanese origin and sometimes known as The Japanese Ball. You receive two hand turned wooden balls on ropes, one gimmicked and one normal.

6.Hand turned Jacaranda Ornamental Magic Wand using Violet Wood because of the deep violet color of the wood.  

7. “Crystal Clear” by Wayne Dobson ( Consists of a black velvet bag with a small square of netting in the corner and six crystals, 3 colors duplicated. This effect utilizes a simple method of being able to secretly see the contents of an opaque bag that is credited to Ali Bongo.)

8. Wayne Dobson’s “GEOME TRICK”, a prediction effect which consists of two ball bearings , two wooden cubes and a wooden cylinder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The case upgrade consisted of using a variety of mixed exotic woods and some Lincolnshire Bog Oak (has been dated, according to Sharron Rose circa - 12,000 years old). This extraordinary wood is halfway to becoming coal. Colin also added hand crafted hinges and clasps in a traditional Elizabethan Style plus a recessed brass medallion with the Five of Hearts Magic logo on the lid.

From the Viking Magic vault.

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