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Viking Magic

Exploding Clear Glass Bottle-set of 3 medium size

Exploding Clear Glass Bottle-set of 3 medium size

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Shatter a glass bottle with your mind!


Ever since Tony Andruzzi presented his Exploding Flasks, glass shattering effects have been very popular with mentalists and bizarrists alike.

Imagine displaying an empty glass bottle; banging it on the table and even hitting it with a mallet to show how strong the glass is. Then, asking the audience to aid you in a collective experiment ......... of the mind. You ask the audience to concentrate their thoughts on the bottle and to think..... NOW, over and over in their minds. Within a few seconds the bottle seems to vibrate, seems to move and shake ever so slightly and then....BANG! The glass bottle shatters into hundreds of pieces.

This is a REAL glass bottle. Yet the experiment is under your complete control. The bottle is never hidden, always in view, held at your fingertips inside a clear plastic bag.

The shattering is crazy, explosive and magical. You do not use special tables, spring loaded devices, etc. Comes complete ready to perform with detailed instructions.

Sold in lots of 3 bottles per order. Empty Clear Bottles. Imported from Singapore.

Very good quality. Bottles measure 7" tall.

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