Euro Card Box

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Our Euro Card Box will allow you to vanish, exchange and appear a playing card and MORE!

Unquestionably one of the finest card boxes on the market. Made of select hardwoods, magnetic locking flap plus a couple of excellent effects in the instructions.

Our newly designed Euro Card Box will now hold a full-sized poker deck in the box!

You will be able to perform real miracles with the aid of this superior prop. Cause cards, bills, business cards, etc. to vanish, change or appear. Do a torn and restored card effect; billet reading, predictions, and even spirit writing, all with the help of this simple looking prop.

One special feature is that you can open and close the box without worrying about tripping the gimmick. Use this to hold your deck and then floor them with a fantastic effect. Various routines included in the instructions.

Top quality as you would expecgt from Viking/CW. Beautiful walnut box with hand rubbed finish. You can pay more but you will not find a better card box.