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Dragon and Tiger Rings-Magic Wagon

Dragon and Tiger Rings-Magic Wagon

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The performer displays a beautiful ornate cabinet and removes the front door showing it to be completely empty. He then places the dragon (red) and tiger (blue) rings on the floor of the cabinet and closes the door. The spectator is now asked to choose one of the two rings. There is absolutely no force at this point or elimination of any kind used. The performer then picks up a golden wand and shows it to be perfectly solid. The wand is then inserted through the holes on the sides of the cabinet with both ends remaining in full view. Now, the performer snaps his fingers and the spectator can hear the sound of a solid object as it hits the wand. Surprisingly, when the door is again opened, the chosen ring is now seen hanging on the wand! The only way to release the ring is to, in fact, remove the wand first. It is a stunning and inexplicable effect!

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