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Dove Pan - low profile

Dove Pan - low profile

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Dove Pan - low profile. Top Quality. Stainless Steel. 

The performer shows a thin stainless steel pan to which he adds several cooking ingredients. Next he needs a bit of heat, so he warms the contents with the flame of a match.

Ops!..He accidentally ignites the contents causing flames to engulf the interior of the pan. Quick thinking allows him to smother the flames with the lid. After saying a few magical words over the burned contents, he removes the lid only to produce a real live dove or small guinea pig!

Other uses will occur to you. The pan can be used to produce any number of items; cards, flowers, toys, sponge cakes (ask us about our sponge cake inserts), and other living creatures.

Made of the finest polished stainless steel. Will outlast most other pans 20 to 1. No more spoiled performances because your pan has warped out of shape. Our pans are guaranteed to perform for many years without mishap.

New low profile makes your productions even more spectacular. Our pans are the finest made at any price. 

Available in varying sizes, single and double load. Also pedestal models, some with electric ignition.

Auto Light Dble. Load Pan: This comes with a built-in striker and lighter fluid pump tank. Stainless Steel construction.

NOTE: For the record: George Robinson redesigned the Dove Pan in 1985 with his new 'hidden lip' design, which is now being copied the world over. This 'hidden lip' design hides the fact that an extra inner pan is being used.

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