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Die Box-Haenchen

Die Box-Haenchen

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Early Haenchen Die Box, ca. 1960's. Now hard to find.

Die Box, early Haenchen, ca. 1960. Mahogany Die Box with double door gimmick on one door, shell and block. This is from early Haenchen stock found in the Viking Vault. Only a few exist.

Haenchen liked using Honduras Mahogany which is now hard to find and costly. Boxes show some age due to storage but are in very good condition. The double door feature works perfectly. has controllable sound when the box is tipped from side to side.

Supplied with Box, shell and block. Hallmarked, 'Haenchen'.

Chest measuresapprox. : 7 3/4"w x 4" deep x 4 1/2" high; Die measures: 2 3/4" square.

NOTE: The photo with the five spot shows the fake panel in place.

Two versions: One unit has the Double-door gimmick feature, the other version does not. Both have the controllable sound feature.

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