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Viking Magic

Delben Blotter

Delben Blotter

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The Delben Blotter is manufactured by Viking and will change blank paper into real money. A wonderful magical mystery.

Warehouse find: only one unit available. No longer made.

With permission from “Danny’s Trix and Kix” of Spring, TX.

We are proud to re-release the famous collectible originally created by our friend Ben Stone. It has been years since this original was produced and Viking Mfg. Co. is proud to bring back such a high quality magical prop as the Delben Blotter!

The magic blotter can be used for a number of impressive routines. The most well know is the Money Machine. Place a blank piece of paper on the base and rock the blotter over it. The paper instantly changes into real money! Or place a dollar bill on the base and change it into a $100 bill! This will get their attention.

Or have a card selected and torn into pieces, retaining one piece, arrange the pieces on the base, rock the blotter and the card is restored and the one piece matches the restored card which is missing a piece!

The Delben Blotter looks like an old-fashioned desk blotter and is beautifully constructed out of black walnut with a hand-polished finish. The method is undetectable.

Stamped with the famous Delben name and made to perfection by the craftsmen famous for the fine Collector’s Workshop-Viking line of Magic products... I think you will find that our version is quite superior to even the Okito/Williams version.

Don’t be tempted by the “rip-offs” as they cannot compare with the original! A great desktop piece of Magic! An unusual trade show piece! A collectible for your collection! A proud piece to own!

LIMITED QUANTITIES! Once our current inventory is sold, we will NOT be making this again, as our contract with Danny and Stevens Magic has expired.

NOTE: One of our customers asked for a custom carrying case to hold and protect his Blotter. We designed a velvet bag with two compartments, one to hold the base and one to hold the Blotter so that they will not damage each other. This special case is available on a limited basis. It may be ordered with the Blotter or separately if you already own our Blotter.

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