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DeKolta Chair Vanish-Osborne

DeKolta Chair Vanish-Osborne

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The Famous DeKolta Chair Vanish designed without stage traps!


This plan is now available in huge two page format. Although the prop does require a floor trap, it certainly is one of the most startling vanishes of a performer ever invented. It's easy to build and transport. The effect is, simply put, you display an ordinary appearing chair. Your assistant takes her place on the chair and is covered with a cloth. Although you can see her movements and shape under cover until the last moment...when the cover is whisked off, she has vanished!

She can be made to reappear elsewhere in the theater at the moment she disappears from the chair. Two pages plus instructions. As a special bonus we are including "The DeKolta Sneak". Paul Osborne's original idea for the presentation of the DeKolta Chair that does not need special stage requirements.

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