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Computer Vision by Zimmerman

Computer Vision by Zimmerman

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A great unusual mental effect. Now hard to find.

Very cool little item from Dick Zimmerman, who although famous for his ring-and-hoop themed stage act, was an inventor of many clever close-up items.  Computer Vision is one of these, released in 1979.   It has not been produced for a couple of decades.

The effect is simple:  a square of thin cardboard is shown.  It depicts the screen and buttons of a "computer" -- well, at least a computer from 1979 when we didn't know what computers were gonna end up looking like!  (It looks more like a pocket calculator, and that works for the patter line, too.)  Along with the computer card are eight squares with large colored spots on them.   The magi-mentalist turns hos back, and holds the computer card behind himself, so the spectator can take any one of the color spot cards and place it onto the computer card.  The spectator hides the other spot cards, and the magi turns back to the audience, keeping the two cards behind his back.  He concentrates, brings forward the computer card onto the table, but with the spot card still behind his back, he announces the name of the color.

Repeat as many times as you wish.  The cards can be examined by the spectators.  It is a very clever principle at work.  Complete in excellent condition, with the small vinyl carrying case and instruction sheet.   Vinyl carry case has some price sticker residue on it, but is not torn or cracked.

Now hard to find.

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