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Combi lock Release-Germany

Combi lock Release-Germany

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Combi Loc is a mentalists dream. A spectator creates a combination from his own birthday and the lock opens. Actually, any number can be used, it does not have to be a date.

This is a wonderful prediction lock made in Germany by a master craftsman. There are similar locks on the market, but this is the only one that can be instantly set right in front of the audience and set to ANY NUMBER combination!

Here is an example of the effects possible:

1. A solid brass combination lock is handed for examination. The tumblers can be turned to as many number combinations as the spectators care to test, but they can not open the lock.

The performer now asks the audience to create a 4-digit date; this is created by various members of the audience. When this date, i.e. 2022 is used as a combination that very date opens the lock! NO force involved.

2. Imagine having the spectator going on an imaginary trip to Vegas. He is given a room number. The spectator makes up a 'false' number first and tries the number on the lock. It does not open. Now he creates a 'real' room number, one that he will be staying in. He tries that number and the lock OPENS!

3. Borrow a wedding ring and lock it on the shank of the lock. Now, have the husband and wife answer a few questions, each correct question worth so many points. The points are added up and the lock opens, showing they are compatible, etc. Try as they might, no other number combination will open the lock.

Remember, ANY number combination can be used using four numbers. You can set the lock to open right in front of the audience. Instant reset for table-hopping; once set, you do not touch the lock.

There are copies and look-alikes but this is the only lock that can be set with ANY four-number combination!

A great set of instructions with various ideas. This is BETTER than the Wedding-Ring Lock because ANY number combination can be used. Do this minutes after receiving it.

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