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Cheating At Texas Hold’Em

Cheating At Texas Hold’Em

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A fascinating and educational book by magician John Born subtitled, "A Modern Guide to the Art of Deception and Illicit Play at the Card Table," is full of all of the latest gimmicks and techniques used to cheat at cards and Texas Hold’em in particular.

Along with all of the classic methods which are presented in a modern context you will find many new approaches and ideas developed by Born and some of the people he knows. What makes this book stand out from many of the rest is that it was written in a manner that even the most uninformed card player and magician will be able to understand.

Some of the topics covered include: Types of Pre-Marked Cards, Marking Cards During Play, Crooked Shuffles and Cuts, Switching Cards in Play, Memorized Slug Tactics, How to "Undo" the Final Cut, Distractions at the Card Table, Advanced Cold Deck Strategies, Bots and Database Applications, Peeking/Flashing Community Cards, Choreographed Cheating Sequences, Killing Cards, Crooked Dealing, Playing the Light, Stacking the Deck, Pulling the Plug, Account Hacking, Partner Strategies, Psychological Ploys, Shuffle Tracking, Cheating with Chips, Substituting Cards, Betting Strategies, Signaling Systems, Proper Procedures and much more.

This book is not meant as a tutorial on how to cheat at cards but as a guide to detection and prevention in private games, at casinos and online.

First Edition. Written and Published by John B. Born in 2010. 560 pages, 6”x9” hardcover with more than 1,300 black and white photographs. Includes a foreword by Simon Lovell.

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