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Viking Magic

Celtic Card Box metal trim

Celtic Card Box metal trim

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A wonderful addition to our bizarre line of card boxes. Our Celtic Card Boxes are adorned with metal corners and knob-nail accents. In addition, the lid of the box has the Celtic cross plus hand carvings.

The locking Celtic Card Box is fitted with hidden magnets in the lid along with a brass knob. Turning the brass knob will release the flap. There are also magnets in the base to hold the flap fixed in the base once the exchange is made. The box is deep enough to vanish several cards, a dollar bill, etc. May be used to vanish, produce or exchange items.

The non-locking Celtic Card Box is as decribed above, but it does not have the release knob on the lid. Simply closing the lid will allow the flap to drop.

Both Celtic Card Box are hand-crafted in old world style from Mango wood. Boxes measures 6" x 4" x 2.5"

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