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Casino Royale Accessories

Casino Royale Accessories

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GiveAway Chips (Replacement chips).

You receive a packet of 10 chips which can be given away, one per performance as per instructions and routine associated with Casino Royale effect. Authentic Vegas-style casino chips. Top quality.

 Replacement goblet.

Correct size to allow for proper 'look' and mixing. Goblet only.

Replacement Bills.

Our custom printed $100.00 bills are available as replacements for our Casino Royale effect. 50 bills to a set. As you can see, a perfect replica of the real thing. Bills only. Each bill measures 9" x 3 3/4" 

Force Chips.

These are replacement forcing chips for the Casino Royale set. Please inquire as to casino imprint if this is important to you. 36 chips per set. Quality clay Chips only. We currently have three to select from.

Replacement (special) deck.

Specify red or blue backs. Special deck required. May be examined and handled by spectators withou fear of detection.

Casino Royale Tray only.

Replacement tray to hold $100.00 bills. Custom made for this effect. New all walnut hardwood design.

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