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Viking Magic

Card To Wallet-Plus-Viking

Card To Wallet-Plus-Viking

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A signed card is found inside a zippered wallet.


(Also known as our Simplex Card To Wallet)

This is similar to our standard Card To Wallet (hip-style), but with a couple of major differences.

As in our standard model, any signed card can be made to appear in this wallet, but in addition to that:

1. You can repeat the effect immediately with a second card WITHOUT placing your wallet back in your back pocket and no palming is required.
2. You can vanish a marked coin or medallion, poker chip, etc. and this will be found inside the sealed coin purse attached to the wallet!

I firmly believe this is the last card wallet you will ever need to purchase (other than our Any Card To Wallet).

Made of select leather, custom hand-made for our special routines.

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