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Candy Kiss-York

Candy Kiss-York

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Candy Kiss-York,

After many years this great effect is back in production, the original Scotty York Routine. Thanks to Denny at Denny and Lee Magic for allowing us to share in this wonderful effect.

    • A spectator is shown a small brass container with a black stopper. You explain that this is a candy machine. Spectator tears open a bag of sugar and pours it into the container to add sweetness. Then a cocoa bean is dropped in for the chocolate, and finally a dime is added for the silver wrapping.
    • While held in the spectator's hand, the contents vanish and in its place is a fully wrapped Hershey's Candy Kiss. For the finale, the tube is smacked and out pours a whole handful of candy kisses. This is the basic routine for the Candy Kiss Machine but there is more. Included with the apparatus is the Diamond Mine routine for the ladies and the Heba Haba Al Pea Can routine which is perfect for the bar scene.
  • This is a high quality piece and includes an excellent booklet of routines.

Note: We have been fortunate enough to find the original source for Scotty's black stoppers, so we now supply this with the original stopper. If you would rather have a cork stopper, just let us know when you place your order.

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