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Viking Magic

Caliph's Cone-A Viking Original

Caliph's Cone-A Viking Original

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A beautiful, handcrafted brass cone Chop Cup. Highly sought-after effect. Only a few remain.


A beautiful hand-crafted brass cone is displayed along with a small knit ball. The ball is caused to vanish only to be found under the cone. This is repeated a number of times when finally a completely different ball appears.

This is the classic Al Wheatly Chop Cup but fashioned from sheet brass in an unusual form. Very exotic looking. You can perform all the Cone and Ball effects with this as well as Chop Cup routines. Comes complete with detailed instructions, balls and hand-hammered brass cone.

This is a warehouse find; only a few of these remain. Highly collectible as well as a wonderful prop to perform with.

Cone measures 6 3/8" tall; opening is 1 3/4" wide.

Once these are gone, they will not be made again.

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