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Bryce's Screen-Osborne

Bryce's Screen-Osborne

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Osborne Illusion Plans make building easy.

The Bryce's Screen is a classic effect, now made easy to build with Osborne Illusion plans: It's not a flimsy illusion, but rather a prop that looks the part.

Probably the most versatile, easy to build, easy to transport and easy to perform illusion you could ever own is Bryce's Screen. This prop can be used to produce, vanish or exchange your assistants. It's a good, quick rehearse if you need to produce Santa, a corporate CEO or the birthday child. Even better, it can be performed surrounded and spectators are welcome to come on stage to surround the prop or help you rotate it to show all sides. It can easily be built in a day and will fit in your SUV

The plans themselves are a work of art and would make a welcome addition to any workbench or library. Three pages plus instructions.

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