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Bounce No Bounce Balls

Bounce No Bounce Balls

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Bounce No Bounce Balls is a sucker effect that the performer can do but not the spectator.


This is a great comedy bit but it has other uses as well. You receive two balls that look exactly alike but one bounces and the other does not. The one ball simply hits the floor with a 'thud'.

Here are some great ideas:

Have a card selected and returned to a group of cards. The cards are spread out in a row and you show that the ball bounces high when bounced next to an indifferent card but when you bounce the ball next to the selected card the ball does not bounce!

Many mentalism effects can be used in conjunction with the Bounce No Bounce Balls. Use for 'Living & Dead' test. Our instructions include a great betting effect where you always win the money.

A great Walk-Around effect for restaurant workers too!

You will have great fun with these simple props...Guaranteed!

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