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Before We Begin by Asi Wind

Before We Begin by Asi Wind

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"In this gorgeous new book, Asi Wind explores every angle of pre-show work: how to select volunteers, what to say, how to avoid problems, what to say onstage so that nobody realizes that you spoke with anyone before the show, and more.

You’ll learn ways to enhance your current material, as well as explore opportunities to add completely new elements to your show. Asi Wind is not only an expert on this topic, but also interviewed three other magic luminaries to provide more well-rounded insights: Luke Jermay, Max Maven, and Penn Jillette.

While Asi performs mostly mentalism onstage, the information in this book is equally applicable to magicians and mentalists. This book is the best in class and the only book of its kind. We firmly believe that, for years to come, Before We Begin will be regarded as an essential text for parlor magic and stage magic performers. This book is the key to unlocking the next level of your magic performance."-

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