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Viking Magic-S

Ballusion Die Box

Ballusion Die Box

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The Ballusion Die Box is quite different from any die box that has come before it. This uses a large solid knit ball measuring 2 1/8" in diameter. The box has four doors, two in front and two on top, the upper doors each have a 2 1/4" hole. There is a partition that divides the two compartments.

EFFECT: The ball is dropped into one of the compartments and shown that it cannot travel through the solid partition. The front doors are closed and when opened the ball is seen on the other side. This is repeated a couple of times. The doors are now closed and when opened, the large red ball is seen to have vanished. The box can be shown all around. The ball is really gone!

As I said, this is a unique version or a standard effect with a couple of twists thrown in to fool even the wise ones.

Fashioned from solid teakwood with brass hardware. Supplied with solid knit ball, die box and instructions. This is a Batra/Viking exclusive designed by Sunil Batra..

Die box measures 8" wide x 4 1/4" dee x 4" high.

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