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Any Card to Wallet

Any Card to Wallet

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A mind-blowing effect from the ever creative Rich Bloch.

The performer tosses out a deck of cards asking the spectator to look through the deck (not to remove a card) and to MENTALLY select any card. This being done the pack is tossed back to the performer.

The performer removes his wallet from his coat pocket and with a finger snap, says (jauntily) "Your card is now in my wallet." Opening the wallet, a single face down card is seen. "Look familiar?", quips the performer.

Responding to the derisive hoots and looks of appalled disbelief, the performer tosses the deck to the spectator. "See for yourself," he says, "and for the first time, name your card."

The spectator does so, then opens the pack. Spectator looks... and looks ... but his card is not there. He counts the cards and there are only 51 cards. Eyes shift back to the performer. "As you can see, there are but 51 cards and this is the fifty-second -- your card." At this, the performer slowly removes the card from his wallet. It is, indeed, the chosen card!

Please remember these important points:

1. No sleights of any kind.

2. The deck is in the spectator's hands before he reveals his card.

3. No force whatsoever -- the spectator's choice is free and clear.

Honestly, this IS enough for you to discard the rest of your card-in-wallet effects!

Our Any Card to Wallet is made of the finest split leather. You are supplied with everything you need to accomplish this diabolical miracle, including patter.

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