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Absolutely Impossible Wallet-Brooke

Absolutely Impossible Wallet-Brooke

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Absolutely Impossible Wallet-Brooke, Impossible Wallet, Absolute wallet, Absolutely Impossible, Wallet

Long off the market, now back in stock: 'Absolutely Impossible', a Ken Brooke Impossible Prediction.

I think you know Viking/CW well enough to know we tell it like it is. The following is exactly the truth. A great effect that is simplicity personified.

Performer removes a wallet from his pocket, showing an envelope with a prediction inside. A spectator takes a deck of cards and shuffles them. The performer asks that the spectator deal as many cards as he likes into a small pile. The spectator is given a free choice as to when to stop, etc.The spectator then takes the envelope and opens it himself. Inside is a card (or a printed message) and when the top card is turned over, it matches the prediction found in the envelope! You are left clean. Important details:

  • Use any deck of cards.

  • No fake envelopes.

  • No palming or sleight-of-hand.

  • The prediction is opened by the spectator before the revelation of his selected card.

  • No forcing of the card; the spectator has a 100% free choice of shuffling and stopping at any card.

  • Any card may be predicted, even a photograph (see George's private instructions for great variations).

  • An absolute must for table-hopping.

A beautifully simple concept and professionally routined. A supple split-leather wallet is supplied with complete instructions PLUS an added bonus; you will also receive George Robinson's personal notes on his handling of this great Ken Brooke item which you can not get anywhere else.

Absolutely Impossible Wallet rights owned by Stevens Magic Emporium; manufacturing rights granted to Viking Mfg. Co.
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