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Viking Magic

UFO-Helicopter Card

UFO-Helicopter Card

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This has never failed to wow and audience.

One of those unbelievable effects! This is one of the best close-up or stand-up effects you can do. The original UFO Whirling Helicopter Card. Send a card flying through the air and keep control of it the whole time! Spin it, float it, fly it around! An ordinary playing card, or even the spectator's own credit card!

Originally known as The Hummer Card by Bob Hummer, take any playing card and spin it into the air. Watch as the card hovers in mid air, spinning furiously! It floats up and down, and even orbits around your body, only to return to your hand! Unbelievable!

• Comes with all necessary tools!
• Enough to practice and perform for a long time!
• Perfect introduction to I.T.!

The UFO Whirling Card has serious advantages over other versions such as the Hummingbird Card. Method and materials for many performances. Complete with written instructions. If you want to make the most of it, be sure and check out the UFO Whirling Card DVD sold separately.

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