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Viking Magic

TransMental-The Original

TransMental-The Original

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Five rods and a tube are used in a mental routine where the performer divines the selected rod.


TRANSMENTAL Our ORIGINAL version now back in stock. This effect has been copied by many but never equaled.

You receive 5 brass rods and a brass tube along with a custom carrying case.

EFFECT: The performer hands the carrying case out to a spectator and asks that they familiarize themselves with the contents. The find a brass tube with a screw-on lid and five brass rods, each adorned with a different set of colored grooves.

performer turns his back (or leaves the area) as the spectator is instructed to remove ANY rod and insert it into the tube which is then sealed.

The remaining rods are replaced in the case and the case closed and placed aside or in the spectator's pocket.

The performer now passes his hand over the sealed tube and after a few seconds names the selected colored rod!

The effect may be immediately repeated.

Please note the following:

  • 1. The performer does not ask any questions.
  • 2. Any rod may be used and the effect may be immediately repeated.
  • 3. There are no outside sources of info, like electronics, magnets, etc.
  • 4. Can be performed surrounded.
  • 5. You will be able to perform this within minutes of receiving it, but don't. Work on the presentation as this is a killer effect. (Why do you think so many people have stolen our idea?). It's Great!

You receive the custom case, polished brass rods and sealed tube along with explicit instructions. Each rod is approx. 3" long.

Buy the ORIGINAL and support original thought. Look for our logo on the tube to insure that you have the best.

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