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Tommy Wonder Visions of Wonder Volumes 1-2-3-DVD

Tommy Wonder Visions of Wonder Volumes 1-2-3-DVD

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VOL. 1- To watch Tommy Wonder is a study in master magicianship. Wonder's thinking on magic is so nuanced, so polished and so evolved. You may look at this DVD and think, "what, only five tricks?" First, they are five awesome tricks. Some of the best, close-up magic performances ever captured. The price of the DVD is worth it just for the performances. However the value in this DVD is just not in the tricks but in the thinking behind the tricks.

Wonder is a perfectionist. Every word and movement has been refined. There is nothing left to chance in his routine. There are no wasted patter lines or movements. This is a master course in misdirection, audience management and magic theory.

First thing to note is that the degree of difficulty is quite high. However, do not let that discourage you. Even if you never perform any of these tricks, you magic will be better for having studied this material.

Of all the tricks, the Tamed Card is the most accessible to intermediate cardicians. Tamed Card is Wonder's version of the Wild Card routine. If you plan on learning this, be sure to pick up a Wild Card set. Wonder goes so far as to carry four prepared packets while doing walk around. The whole reason is to perform magic on an entirely different level - for the random spectator that is watching you perform close up magic from a distance.

The other gem on this is Tommy Wonder's Two Cup, Cups & Balls routine. This is a master course on misdirection. Even when you know it's coming, his misdirection is so strong that it is very hard for even a magician to catch. Highest recommendation!

VOL. 2:

Elizabeth IV - The performer removes a clear envelope with a wager and a prediction. Any card is named and contents of the clear envelope are openly removed. The prediction matches the freely named card.

Rubik's Card - Tommy shows a small box filled with blocks that have card pips on some of their sides. A card is selected and the lid is removed from the box to show that the blocks have somehow arranged themselves to form an image of the selected card.

Deja Reverse - Two cards are selected and the first selection magically turns face up. It is turned face down and a magical gesture is made again with the intention of the second selection turning face up. However, when the cards are spread, it is the first selection once again. The first card almost takes on a life of its own, repeating its antics, and in a final act of desperation, Tommy rips up the first selection and tosses it aside. The deck is spread and there, restored face up in the center, is the first card once again. The torn pieces are turned over to reveal the second selection.

Socked Coins - This routine has never been explained and has been a closely guarded secret that Tommy Wonder has kept for himself. It's one of the finest coin routines ever created. In a lesson on how to lose money, coins penetrate a spectator's hand in an increasingly impossible manner. It resets, can be done without a table, and is incredibly strong.

Tommy goes on to explain his workings on Cough DROP, vanishing bird cage, the boomerang card, the Zombie Ball, and his wonderful ring and rope routine


Nest of Boxes — Tommy discusses in tremendous detail three unbelievable versions of the Borrowed Watch to Nest of Boxes. You will shake your head in disbelief and be absolutely dumbfounded.

Coins Across — A combination of the Coins Across plot, a coin box routine, and a wonderful Coin in Eye routine to close. This gets the same strong reaction of the Card On Forehead but with coins. Practical and incredibly strong.

Ambitious Card Plus Ring Box — See why a card trick gets standing ovations time after time. Tommy slowly builds and builds the impossibility of the classic Ambitious Card effect and ends with one of the best versions of the signed card to box plot in existence.

Tommy also demonstrates his fabulous handlings for two classic effects—Card Through Handkerchief and Everywhere and Nowhere.

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