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The Satanic Book Test

The Satanic Book Test

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Brad Henderson finally divulges one of his acclaimed feature performance pieces. This is without a doubt the most topical and hilarious booktest on the market today. Plus, The "Satanic" Booktest will fool even the most critical of audiences. How? Because Brad tips every last detail that has gone into making The "Satanic" Booktest the incredible, hilarious piece of magic that it is.

The "Satanic" Booktest is a full 8 minute, tongue in cheek, comedy routine featuring the three most "evil" books ever written, an amazing demonstration of mind reading, and a surprise magical happening which will have your audience's holding their sides with laughter.

With a handful of books available at any well stocked bookstore, a touch of preparation, and some thoughtful practice, you too can add this feature presentation to your show.

Note: This routine is for the serious professional who wants to add 8 minutes of solid, killer material to their show or the dedicated student who wishes to learn how a truly creative and commercial magical routine is constructed. If you are a dabbler just looking for clever methods to "play with," The "Satanic" Booktest is not for you. However, if you appreciate masterful scripting and methodological subtlety that borders on the devious, then you need The Satanic Book Test.
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