QuartOkito Coin Vanish, Gimmicked Box

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QuartOkito Coin Vanish, coin vanish, Quart Okito


Imagine having a coin marked, then placed into a small brass box, the coin being visible at all times. Then you hand a spectator a small wooden box or another brass box to hold.

Next, you pick up the brass box containing the marked coin and simply allow it to fall into your hand. The moment it hits your hand, the coin vanishes! Now imagine that the spectator opens the box he has been holding and inside he finds his marked coin!

Why imagine this when you can really do it with our Viking-original QuartOkito Coin Box. Read the description again. It's all true!

Use this in combination with our Quarter Go Box.

Also note: we have available a non-gimmicked QuartOkito Box should you care to switch out boxes. This ungimmicked box is not necessary, but some purists like to have everything examinable, so this will do that.