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Imperial Atomic Stockpile-Damir Limited Editon

Imperial Atomic Stockpile-Damir Limited Editon

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Imperial Atomic Blocks Illusion. A tribute to Robert Gurtler (Andre Kole).

I first heard about an inventor named Robert Gurtler around 1968 after reading an article in Genii magazine. I began seeing his ads in older Genii publications and became an instant fan. I read all I could about this magical genius. His effects were unusual, clever and magical. Since that time, I began collecting some of the props he produced and one that fascinated me the most was his Atomic Stockpile. Such a clever and deceptive miniature illusion. Since then, many builders have produced their version with slight improvements but still something was missing.

I set the Blocks aside for almost 50 years and then the impulse to perfect this illusion reared its head again. I began brainstorming but most of my ideas fell short of what I was looking for. Then in 2018 I got very close but no cigar. In 2022 I met another clever creator, Damir Djanis of Croatia. His unique methodology immediately caught my attention and we began to work together creating some of the finest limited edition close-up props offered by Viking Mfg. I knew Damir would be the one to take my ideas for the Atomic Stockpile effect and turn it into a miracle class effect, which he did. The answer did not come easy. We threw ourselves into this project and brainstormed some crazy methods only to come up short. But then the light bulb lit, Eureka! He hit upon an idea so devious it blew both our minds.

The problem with the original idea, in my mind, was that you could not show all the blocks and you had to use the old Super X Levitation method. This prevented the performer from separating all the blocks; there was no way to get rid of the gimmick. Well, after months of experimentation Damir hit upon a marvelous solution. The blocks could now be shown all around and separated without the tell-tale Super X gimmick being in the way. REVOLUTIONARY! After 50 plus years my dream has come true, the Imperial Atomic Blocks have become a reality.

Imagine opening a small chest and removing three wooden blocks which are shown all around. They are stacked one on top of the other and then one block is moved away from the others and the other two blocks remain suspended in the air. They are positioned in precarious positions defying gravity and finally, the pièce de résistance, a solid brass hoop is passed over the blocks going from one end to the other straight across without the usual Super X ring manipulation. The ring is shown solid with no openings and passes unobstructed over the blocks.

The blocks are put back in order and then removed and again, each block is show on all sides as is the box used to house the blocks. No evidence of any support method can be found. It’s pure magic!

 The sum of all the parts, the collaboration between George Robinson Jr. and Damir Djanis has culminated in the perfect miniature illusion, the Imperial Atomic Blocks.

Exotic solid wood components complete the picture. This is one of the finest effects produced for the Damir Limited Edition series. Only 24 will be made.

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