Fake Food

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Fake food loads. Please see options below.


Three realistic cherries used as loads for any cup routine.

3 Cherries per package.

Small Apple.

This is a small sized realistic apple used as a final load in a cup routine. Will fit under most cups.

One apple per order.

Garlic bulb.

A large garlic bulb used for as final load in any cup and ball or chop cup routine.

One bulb per order


This is a realistic large fake potato used as a final load in any cup and ball routine, etc.

One potato per order.

Assorted fruits.

We have a wonderful pile of mini fruits available for your cups and balls routine as well as any item that can benefit from this type of load.

Each fruit is an exact replica of the real thing but smaller. Average size of fruit is between 1.250" and 1.50" in diameter.

We will ship you 6 fruits (our choice) as a set. If you must have a certain type, let us know and we will try to accommodate you but we are limited to what we have on hand.

Available are: cherries; pears; lemons; apple; orange; and persimmon.

We ship 1 bag with 6 asst. fruit pieces.

We guarantee you will love these and use them often.