Card Sword The Castilian by Collectors' Workshop/Viking Mfg.

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Our Castilian Card Sword is the finest, most unique Card Sword ever made. No expense has been spared. Two years in the making; every conceivable aspect of previous card swords were taken into account, eliminating their flaws and shortcomings.  

Our guard was hand forged and hand cut; every one is unique. Chrome plated steel and brass. A custom made leather insert protects your hand. The round steel extruded blade was selected for its strength and reflective quality. This hides the 'gimmick' even close up.

The tip of the blade was engineered and designed to minimize rattling when the card(s) is produced. The blade measures 32" from the hilt.

We unashamedly state that this is the finest Card Sword ever made.

The Deluxe Card Sword (which breaks down into two parts) comes with a hole punch set of the correct size for preparing your cards. An extra tip and special elastic;, special setting needle to thread the sword, card examples (punched) plus detailed instructions. The sword is supplied with a custom velvet/foam lined wooden case.

The Standard Card Sword is supplied with all the same components except the custom case. You will receive a denim cloth pouch.

Once our current run is exhausted, we will not make this Sword again. It is a true collector's item as well as a wonderful addition to any show.