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Brass Knuckles-D. Edwards

Brass Knuckles-D. Edwards

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Brass Knuckles-D. Edwards, book, Brass Knuckles. Doug Edwards is the 'man behind the curtain' for many performers.

NOW IN STOCK! BRASS KNUCKLES! This is the book everyone is talking about. Get yours now!

Doug Edwards is the 'man behind the curtain' for many performers. His sleights, innovations and magical creations are used by leading card men the world over. He is one of the world's best kept secrets when it comes to original and exciting plots.

Brass Knuckles DELIVERS a one-two-three punch that is sure to please ANYONE interested in hard-hitting dynamic card work. Nothing held back!

POWERFUL BOOK THAT PACKS A PUNCH!  Over 60 strong, original effects ranging from new palm techniques, shuffles, shifts, controls, changes, lifts and more. The quality of content is staggering. Doug Edwards delivers lessons that professionals have paid dearly for; offered to you for a mere 81 cents a trick! An incredible bargain at any price.

Here is a partial listing of contents:

    • Section 1: Palms-Shuffles and Lifts
    • Section 2: Cuts, Controls and Changes
    • Section 3: Hard Hitting Mysteries
    • Section 4: Bonus Items

I honestly can't pick out a favorite among the sixty effects; they are all that good but I know you will use and enjoy many if not all he has to offer. There is something for everyone here.

The Bonus section has some great handling for the Haunted Key; Sunshine's Color Vision cube; A great Torn & Restored Bill called 'made in Japan'; Bead-azzled will be something you will carry with you all the time and for those that do the Vanishing Bird Cage, Doug tips some valuable handling and ideas on this amazing effect.

I highly recommend this sensational offering. Look what others have to say about Doug Edwards:

      • Harry Lorayne: "Doug Edwards is one of the best close-up people I have known".

      • Charles Reynolds: "Doug Edwards is a top magician and creator".

      • Frank Garcia: " Doug Edwards is a walking compendium in the world of Magic".

      • George Robinson Jr.: "Doug Edwards amazes me with this thinking and his ability to simplify what others complicate".

    • Tony Spina: "Wow!... You have a real winner on your hands with this new book. Doug is one of the most original minds in Magic. All of his ideas are well thought out; original, entertaining and most of all, real foolers. I recommend anything he writes!"
  • Gary Ouellet.: "When I first met Doug Edwards he fooled me with a number of card effects. Then we spent some time discussing the niceties of certain card finesses of which he is most knowledgeable."

  • Aldo Columbini: "Practically a non-stop magic-fest. The plots move at breakneck pace, and the book contains several good twists, which keep the reader turning those pages right up to the final routine. Undeniably entertaining magic."

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