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Badlands Bob

Badlands Bob

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Badlands Bob is an original effect by Collectors' Workshop. We have now introduced two additional variations.
  • Our Nu Way Badlands Bob 2 effect is a variation of our original Badlands Bob. The Nu Way has a hinged lid so the die can be removed, etc. 
  • Our Nu Way Badlands Bob with red die climax is our third variation.

The routine/story is centered around an itinerate gambler that lost his life on the roll of a die, the infamous Badlands Bob.

Badlands Bob-original: The basic effect is the same with all three versions. A white die is sealed within a walnut box. The performer controls the number that will eventually show facing upward. The number is selected by the spectator and no force is involved. No matter how hard the spectator tries, shaking the box, etc., he can not change the value of the die.

Badlands Bob II: In this version, the walnut box has a hinged lid so the die can be removed, etc. Since the box has a lid, it makes changing the die's uppermost number that much more difficult, in the eyes of the audience.

Badlands Bob II with Red Die Climax: Our third version has an added climax in that the white die changes to a red die during the routine. We have also added the fact that the performer can be blindfolded during this routine. (Use your own blindfold-ungimmicked).

Beautiful workmanship, quality walnut construction and a captivating routine.

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