Midas Cups - Extraordinaire

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One of the most elegant coin transpositions ever presented. Sterling silver goblets by Collectors' Workshop.


Collectors' Midas Cups:

Poetry in Motion. One of the classiest coin-transpositions ever offered. Elegant and sure-fire, with a killer ending!

Effect:Three U.S. half-dollars invisibly travel from one silver goblet to the other in a beautifully choreographed routine presented by World Summit Award Winner Al Cohen.

The routine ends with a shower of dimes! The cups are handled in a casual manner; the routine designed to entertain and amaze.

No palming or other sleights. Simple Magic made even simpler by our unique and elegant props. Fully mechanical in nature; The cups may be examined or handled by spectators.

Comes complete with detailed instructions, beautiful Silver-plated champagne fluted cups, special coins, final load gimmick and custom carrying bag.

Cups measure 9 1/2" tall (approx).

Available in foreign currency models as a special order. Inquire.