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HourGlass; mind power-visual-stunning-impossible!

This effect has been made by various builders over the years but the import version we had sold in the past has become hard to get, so we have opted to make our own. The size of the glass makes this a perfect close-up effect which can be carried inside your jacket pocket (measures approx. 5″ tall).

The performer relates a story about a wizard or ‘ancient one’ that could control time. Removing a small hour glass from his pocket (or pouch-now supplied) the performer turns the hour glass over and begins the passing of time. Suddenly, at the performer’s command, the sand stops flowing. The performer does NOT touch the hour glass and yet upon his command the sand stops dead in its tracks. Another snap of the fingers and the sand begins to flow again.

The effect is under the performers control yet no electronics, motors, timers, etc. are used. Nothing is hidden in the hand. The Hour Glass can be minutely examined by the spectators and can then be immediately used in performance. No contrived set-up; resets instantly. Designed for sit-down close up work.

Measures: 6" tall x 3" wide; brass accents with walnut trim.