Cylinder and Coins ala John Ramsey

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All leather cylinder and pad, made in-house by Viking Mfg. Co.

A classic in magic, the Cylinder and Coins ala Ramsey.

A beautiful Walking Liberty set, Cylinder and Coins:

The Cylinder and Coins created by John Ramsey was inspired by an older effect called The Stack of Pence but instead of performing a simple penetration, John created a multi-phase transposition routine. Coins vanish from the hands only to reappear inside a small ungimmicked cylinder resting on the table. Many consider this effect a lesson in misdirection and timing.

You are supplied with everything you need to perform this wonderful routine: a brown leather cylinder and pad, special gimmick, Walking Liberty Half Dollars (repro) and complete instructions via video link.

Ramsey's Cylinder and Coin booklet is also available; sold separately.

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