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Ellis Ring On A Stick booklet-Ellis/Bey

Ellis Ring On A Stick booklet-Ellis/Bey

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One of the greatest pocket effects ever...booklet explains all.

The small magic ring has been called "The Ellis Ring", "The Jardine Ring", and "The Jardine Ellis Ring." That's because Jardine Ellis invented the ring, which can be placed on a wand, pencil or rope, while the spectator holds the ends. This book will teach you several new routines with a good old prop.

Retro Magic Booklet!

This pamphlet of 8 pages plus includes Ring on Stick/Wand and Ring on Rope!

Plus 2 extra routines!

5.5" x 8.5" Paperback

8 page pamphlet.

PLEASE NOTE: Sale is for booklet only.  

Ellis Ring link: Ellis Ring 

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