A Craftsman Extraordinaire

A Craftsman Extraordinaire

In a previous Newsletter I mentioned that we would be introducing a new magical creator from Europe, Damir Djanis from Croatia. Damir was born in Osijek, Croatia in 1965. Twelve years later young Damir would have a life-changing experience.   A traveling magician came to his village of Bizovac displaying feats of wonder that amazed and enthralled him with wonder. A bullet was fired from a rife only to be caught between the teeth of this necromancer. A beautiful young lady was sawn in two and then restored. Solid metal rings passed through each other as if they were made of mist. Damir left that day, his head full of wonder. Magic emporiums were not available to the young Damir, so he sought to add to his magical knowledge through the pages of ancient books. This led to the making of props for himself.

At age 17, Damir and a friend discovered a magic shop in the town of Sombor and purchased their first professional props which they used to perform before the public. Damir was formally educated as a turner in Osijek, a profession he selected precisely because of his interest in creating magic props. His other hobbies included drawing and painting all of which have added to his artistic arsenal.

Magic remained in Damir’s life, albeit in the background until 2014 when a magic festival in Osijek reawakened his desire to create and collect quality magic props. This ‘awakening’ opened the floodgates allowing Damir to bring to life concepts never before used in magic.

His use of select indigenous hardwoods combined with a keen sense of precision and unusual and inventive ideas have resulted in a new line of close-up magic that is sure to find favor with collectors and performers alike. Each offering will be limited to 24 pieces, each bearing the logo of Damir Djanis, along with detailed instructions.

Our first issue from the Limited-Edition Damir Exclusives is entitled The Palamedes Revelation and will be available in February 2022.