Bankroll Deck-rare

  • 销售额
  • 常规价格 $25.00
  • 1 件在售

Rare BANKROLL Deck for contest only. Sign up for our Newsletter for a chance to win.


NOT FOR SALE: For special contest drawing only.

The Bankroll Deck has been crafted and designed to be a rare collector's item. This deck was not intended to be sold by the manufacturer but distributed for special events on a limited basis.

We are lucky to have ONE only which is NOT for sale, but will be raffled off after the 20th. of Sept. Decks like this have sold on the collector's circuit for over $100.00!

This can be yours if you are the lucky winner. A winner will be chosen from among those registered to receive our Newsletters. If you are not currently registered, do so now.

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