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Zodiac Exklusive by Voit

Zodiac Exklusive by Voit

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Zodiac Exklusive/Harold Voit-Tony Lackner: A round platform is displayed which has the signs of the zodiac carved around it. In the center is a hub with two wheels that turn freely. The larger wheel has a pointer which can be turned to any of the zodiac signs. The smaller wheel has a window which displays a number from one to twelve. When this dial is turned the number in the window changes.

A spectator is handed a set of cards which have the zodiac symbols printed on them. They are told to remove anyone (no force) and place the card face down on the table aside from the others. The performer turns around and explains to the audience that there is a mysterious connection between math and astrology. He attempts to illustrate using the dials on the apparatus. He shows how the outer dial turns freely. He then asks the spectator to turn the smaller dial and notice how the numbers in the window change. The spectator then turns the dial to any number they want. Again, no force.

The performer then asks the spectator to move the larger dial one space at a time, counting off the number of spaces using their freely selected number. When done, the dial now points to a sign of the zodiac. The spectator is told for the first time to turn over their freely selected card. Amazingly, the card matches the zodiac sign to which the dial now points to!

From the Viking Magic Vault-TP


Photos and text courtesy of Andy Martin (

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