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The Phoenix-DVD

The Phoenix-DVD

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The Complete Phoenix Magazine on CD ROM! - The Phoenix Volumes 1 - 300

The Phoenix 1942-1954 (a Periodical of Stage Magic). Six Volumes, each with 50 issues. Each 4-page issue brought 3 to 5 well versed, practical tricks on a biweekly basis from 1942 to 1954. The most talented magicians of the time contributed their best ideas to The Phoenix; effects that fooled magicians and lay people alike.

This is the complete six-volume set on CD-ROM! Search through over 1200 pages without interactive index. Just type in the search word or phrase and the interactive Phoenix will find it. You can also browse through a searchable index sorted by type of effect. Usable on both PC and MAC computers!

Bonus! Michael Sinner's notes on Phoenix issues 1-300!

Extra Bonus! The New Phoenix from 1954-1965! Over 420 pages of great magic effects complete with instructions and illustrations. Edited by Jay Marshall, Don Tanner, and Karl Fulves.

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