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Bell Ultra

Bell Ultra

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This is an updated version of The Bell which has been a best seller. I expect that this new version will be even better.

A solid brass bell (machined from a solid brass block) is used in a variety of routines, some of which are detailed in the video instructions. For example, you perform a four-ball routine. each time you want a ball to vanish or appear, you ring the bell. At the conclusion your place all three balls in your hand and pick up the bell but this time it fails to ring. You show the inside of the bell, and the clacker has vanished. You open your hand and the balls have also vanished.

Another idea would be to use the bell in a mental routine. cards are mixed and as you pass the bell over a card the bell rings, each time finding the selected card. Finally, you pass the bell over the cards, but the bell fails to ring, again the clacker has vanished. When the cards are turned over, the selected card has also vanished.

There are so many ideas possible with this unique Ultra Bell. Another nice feature that will blow magicians away is that if anyone suspects that the clapper is magnetic, it is impossible for a magnet to adhere to brass. The hidden gimmick is under your complete control as The Bell Ultra can be examined. 

This is a very unique and wonderful addition to any routine. The video instructions are great as well. I believe this will fit into any performance style.

Note: the bell is polished brass; the photo shows it a little dull. 

SPECIAL: For a limited time, we will include a set of the special small yellow balls as shown in the video instructions at no extra cost (for as long as they last).

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