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Damir Djanis

Tablet of Knowledge by Damir

Tablet of Knowledge by Damir

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Tablet of Knowledge

This is the second in a line of unique collectibles manufactured by Damir Djanis of Croatia. 

The Tablet of Knowledge is a unique penetration of three brass spikes through a wooden plaque. A wonderful mystical story makes this effect a magical wonder which allows the spectators to witness what can only be called an impossible penetration.

A solid wooden tablet engraved with ancient mystical writing is shown along with a beautifully handcrafted chest and three brass spikes.

The tablet is placed within the chest and a spectator is allowed to try his hand at penetrating the tablet. Sadly, he fails and a second spectator is invited to try his luck, again to no avail.

The performer now follows a ritual designed to allow the passage of the spikes, but only if the ritual is followed according to ancient dictates. Quickly, one spike is pushed through the chest, exiting the bottom of the chest and penetrating the tablet. This is followed by a second and third spike. The chest is shown all around. The ritual is complete and a success. The spikes are removed, and everything can be examined.

You are supplied with all the props necessary to perform along with a Certificate of Authenticity and detailed instructions.

Please note: The chest is intricately gimmicked, but it is impossible to detect. No amount of examination will reveal the secret to this marvelous creation. The methods used by Damir are new and unique which make Damir’s Limited Edition Creations wonderful examples of craftsmanship and originality. When you consider that people are charging much more for 3D printed items, this is a bargain. I guarantee you will enjoy the quality and workmanship of all Damir creations.... George Robinson Jr.

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