Strait Jacket Escape, Large

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The Strait Jacket was made famous by Houdini, and is now used by leading performers the world over. Viking jackets are among the best made.



THERE ARE OTHER STRAIT JACKETS ON THE MARKET; (made in China, etc.) but there are no other Strait jackets on the market with our realistic look!

Ever since Houdini made the Strait Jacket Escape famous, it has been a success where ever performed.

All our Strait Jackets are made of soft heavy cotton canvas with leather-like trim and 100% leather belting which gives it an air of authenticity and makes it appear the formidable challenge that it is. We have engineered our jackets to allow the magician-escape artist flexibility and ease, yet, it appears to present an impossible task.

Our Jackets can be used by anyone weighing 110 to 250 lbs., from slight build to stocky build (within those weight limits), and up to six feet tall. They are rugged and will give years of service. This is one escape everybody likes to see.

Packs small and plays big. And as usual, you receive Viking's guarantee of quality at a reasonable price.

Available in natural canvas only, with brown leatherette trim. . We are now using 'distressed' leatherette which adds greatly to the authenticity.

As you can see by our junior Escape Artist (see additional photos), we can make our jackets in any size and any color trim. Inquire. Most custom work add $45.00

*The photo shows the jacket as being made of white material but it is actually beige, which looks better and stays cleaner than white.