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Sawing Illusion Secrets by B. Das

Sawing Illusion Secrets by B. Das

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This is not a book of illusion blue prints, and it is not intended to be complete. As the title suggests, it is a book of “secrets”, illustrating how each sawing is performed. The illustrations and descriptions are sufficient for an experienced builder to translate into finished illusions. This ebook also satisfies the mere curious who would like to know how some of these illusions are accomplished.

Illusions featured:

  • Sawing a woman in halves (Selbit’s Method)
  • Horace Goldin’s Method
  • Horace Goldin’s method (Using one girl)
  • Abott’s Method
  • Using circular saw and a plank
  • Vertical Sawing Illusion
  • Improved method (Suggested by B.Das)
  • Miss Boots (Ovette)
  • One Man Sawing Illusion
  • Sawing Illusion (Abbott’s Method)
  • Thin model Sawing
  • Buzz Saw Illusion
  • Super Magician’s Self Sawing
  • Homicide Illusion
  • Sawing a woman in halves (Torrini)
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