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A VISUAL vanish of a Half-Dollar. Great for table hopping, etc.


NEW: Our famous QuartOkito Box is now available in a 50 cent size. This is a great way to vanish or exchange a MARKED half dollar (or similar-sized coin). A borrowed half dollar is marked by the spectator and placed within the brass box. The lid is added, but the coin is still visible through the hole in the lid.

The performer now places a small box (Quarter Go Box or other apparatus) on the table. The coin is shown once again, then it visibly vanishes from the brass box only to be found in the Quarter Go Box (or where ever you chose to find it).

You are supplied with the brass box and lid plus detailed instructions. If you want to avoid difficult sleights or you are looking for a 'delayed' vanish, this is it.

I use both the QuartOkito and the new Half Dollar version personally, and can attest to their impact. The visual vanish is unexpected and stunning....George Robinson Jr.

We supply the coin box and instructions, you must supply the coins.