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Okito Box - Star

Okito Box - Star

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The Star Okito Box was designed to hold back one coin when the box is inverted. It will accept four US half dollars.

The Star Okito Box allows you to create REAL Miracles!

The Okito Box’s uses are legion. With the aid of these simple boxes in our coin box series a coin worker can cause coins to vanish, appear, penetrate, etc. Well, now add to this the features of our Star Okito Box* and you have the makings of REAL MIRACLES!

BASIC EFFECT: Four coins are placed within the brass box and the lid replaced. The left hand is shown empty but when the hand is reopened it is now seen to contain a gleaming fifty cent piece. The lid of the box is removed and the coins dumped out to reveal only three coins! The three coins are slowly and visibly returned to the box and the lid replaced. The forth coin is shown, then caused to vanish. Upon dumping out the coins from the closed brass box, it is seen that the box now contains all four coins!

Finally, the four coins are returned to the box and the hands are shown empty. The coins are now dumped into the left hand, and the box is returned to the table, but this time, open side down. One of the coins is picked up by the right hand, the others tossed onto the table. The one coin is caused to vanish, only to appear under the overturned box!

These are simple ideas, but you get the picture. Instructions contain some great material, and we know you'll invent things that will drive your audience wild, once you play with this unique coin box. Can be used in combination with our other Okito Boxes or by itself. Complete with lid and detailed instructions.

Designed to use four US Half dollar sized coins.

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