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Okito Box - reduced diameter box

Okito Box - reduced diameter box

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The Okito Box was invented by Okito and is used in coin routines. Our Reduced diameter box adds whimsy and mystery to your Okito Box routine.


Viking's Okito Box series coin boxes are considered the finest boxes produced since their invention.

Our reduced diameter  Okito Box was designed to add a bit of whimsy to your Okito Box routine. It is designed to be switched in during performance without the spectator being aware of the change. He has seen you insert half dollars into a brass box over and over and now you ask him to drop a half dollar into the box. No matter how hard he tries the coin will not fit into the box.

You then proceed to pick up the box and drop coins in as if nothing has happened. The spectator is stunned and you have an fun interlude in your coin routine.

This box is to be used in combination with any of our other boxes in this series.

Each box in the series comes with complete instructions. Made in the finest Viking tradition of gleaming lathe-turned brass to exacting specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed. Designed for use with four US half dollar coins.

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