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A Deluxe walnut Card Box with a magnetic locking feature.


Our Locking Card Box differs from our Euro Card Box in that this box has a locking magnetic release for the flap. You can load up to five cards in the lid and then lock the flap in place. When ready to release, simply turn the knob 1/4 turn. The flap will release and lock into the bottom of the box. This is a special feature similar to our Psychic Sword Box.

This locking feature allows the card box to be handled freely, even by a spectator. The card box can be used to cause a card or cards to appear, vanish or exchange. You can cause a torn photo to become restored, even a dollar bill.

Our Deluxe Locking Card Box is hand-crafted from solid walnut with brass accents with a hand-polished finish. The gimmick is undetectable. Comes complete with detailed instructions.